taverna aligaries

Welcome to Taverna Aligaries, at Aligaries bay on the road to Kechria beach.

Our taverna is run by Giorgo and Matina operating daily from 10.00 serving coffee and after 12.00 with lunch menus until the evening. The taverna offers traditional Greek dishes that are prepared using fresh daily produce, meat cuts as well as sea food.

Taverna Aligaries is a great spot for relaxing and combining the warm sun with the crystal blue waters of the Aegean for a swim while tasting great traditional greek flavours.  

Getting to Taverna Aligaries can be done via sea or by land; by sea Aligaries beach / Kechria beach can be accessed from both the north and south ends of the island. Driving to Taverna Aligaries is easier using a jeep, motorbike or ATV; for directions please see the map in the "contact us section".

We thank you for visting our website and look forward to welcoming in Skiathos and Taverna Aligaries.

Coming to us

Driving to Taverna Aligaries requires using a jeep or a motorcycle-ATV, since for the most part you drive on dirt road in a wonderful pine tree & olivee tree surrounding.

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The menu of Taverna Aligaries has been carefully designed to show the Greek Traditional flavours that are prepared by using fresh ingredients, prepared to your liking.  

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Taverna Aligaries is located in the romantic Aligaries bay, by the road to the famous Kechria beach, in the north end of Skiathos. Getting there can be done by sea or road.  

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